Turf Organics - What Makes Us Different ?

With the help of the world's leading manufacturer in organic certified Humic products, we have developed a eco smart fertilizer program for your home that will actually replenish essential nutrients back into the soil. The more we service your lawn the healthier and richer your soil will become.  Most North Florida lawns are grown in sand and have been stripped of amino acids and life essential carbon due to over-use of synthetic fertilizers,  making your lawn chemically dependent.  Unfortunately, this is a common practice in the fertilization and pest control industries.   


Our Process is different!  Our commitment to a greener, eco friendly environment begins with our base solutions of 100% organic and carbon filled Humic and Fulvic Acid.  These OMRI certified, organic Bio-stimulants maximize the plant's ability to utilize available nutrients, thus reducing the demand for synthetic fertilizers.  We also employ beneficial micro and macro nutrients as well as amino acids and sea Kelp.  All together making a environmentally friendly  "bridge" fertilizer product.  Over time, these products will replenish what has been stripped from the soil, (carbon, amino acids, and beneficial - lawn feeding fungi & Bacteria). Your lawn will not just rely on our monthly services, but will be sustained and healthy in-between service.


Turf organics will also treat weeds, damaging pest and lawn damaging fungi in lawn with Florida certified green products.


We are the eco-smart solution to a safer environment for your family and a healthy, beautiful lawn.

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Your Partnership for an Awesome Lawn



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