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“Creating Beautiful Landscapes and Lasting Relationships”
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Live Aloha


Irrigation and Drainage...


Irrigation Repairs and Retro-fit...

New Pool Construction - We offer pre-pool construction irrigation disconnect service. For a nominal charge, we will run your system, flag the heads in the construction area, dig and disconnect the affected zones and stub them up and cap them for easy identification for when we come back after the pool construction has been completed to re-install your system to your new turf and planting beds. If you have already started your project, we are happy to come and help you reconnect your irrigation system and clean up the mess. Re-sodding the machine tracks, adding complementary landscape beds, and planting and more.


Brown Spots, Broken Heads and Breaks - Don’t let small issues turn into big problems. A simple broken head can turn into hundreds of dollars in sod and plant replacements. Our irrigation specialist are here to help keep your system functioning like new.

Irrigation tune ups and Repair - For a nominal fee, we will come out and inspect your irrigation system. We do a full cycle run, inspect the spray heads, and clean or replace fouled nozzles and then set your controller for the proper seasonal run times. During the inspection, any necessary repairs will be estimated and corrected upon approval.


Seasonal Maintenance – Sign up for our bi-annual irrigation check and timer adjustment. Protect your landscape, save water and money on your utility bills.



A challenge for new homeowners in our area is the lack of proper drainage. With the homes in many of our new developments being built close together, rainwater runoff from roofs and downspouts can often create soggy areas where turf struggles to grow leaving bare muddy patches. The Solution – Installing underground PVC or drain-tile which is connected to your downspouts and routed to the front or back of your property to pop-up emitters that allow the water to flow out and keep critters from clogging your drain lines. Catch basins can be added to the discharge ends of pool deck channel drains as well to redirect the runoff away from your property. The end result... Healthier turf, less erosion and mess.

A Natural Option - An alternative for homes without gutters is to design the drainage into the landscape with natural stone to create dry creekbeds. These are not only functional by channeling the water pouring off the valley of your roof, but is also an attractive addition to your landscape. 

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