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“Creating Beautiful Landscapes and Lasting Relationships”
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Paving and Hardscapes...

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Patios, Driveways, Kitchecn and Fire Features...

A great way to enhance your existing landscape is to add creative and well-designed hardscape elements. Whether it is a patio, walkway, planter walls, bed edging or pergolas and arbors, these additions bring your landscape to life and add interest and value to your home. The paving world has evolved from the traditional materials of the past, with an explosion of colors, textures and pattern options, the possibilities are endless. When artistically combined, you have the power to create your very own unique look. Not to forget, other options like natural stone that can be added and combined to create even more interest and personality. Live Aloha’s Install team is comprised of exprerienced and trained artistisans and craftsmen that follow the installation guidelines of Belgard and Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute. We build it right!

Lifetime Warranty


Despite the superior engineering available today, the typical hardscape warranty is only 1 to 5 years. The reason for this is quite simple: most hardscape structures are not built to last. Most homeowners do not realize that most hardscape structures have no enforceable building code. Instead of building to standards set for safety, longevity, and homeowner protection, hardscape structures are often built to keep prices competitive. The foundation is often the first place where corners are cut to save money, leading to settling and failure. Proper build practices do exist, but the lack of enforceable building codes has created a hardscape industry where these practices are rarely implemented. This has led to settling and structural failures becoming commonplace and expected. Since these failures are caused by improper foundations, most patio failures cannot be permanently fixed, leaving homeowners with two choices: live with a tripping hazard and eyesore or pay to have the structure demolished and rebuilt correctly. Our lifetime warranty covers the craftsmanship of all hardscape installs. If you have any settling, drainage, or separation issues we will cover repairs under the warranty with a service call fee. Warranty does not cover acts of mother nature, damages caused by any party, wear and tear, or any improper use such as driving a vehicle over a pedestrian use install or driving a heavy commercial vehicle over any residential driveways

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Pavers vs Concrete - With the wide assortment of paver styles, textures and colors, interlocking concrete pavers offer countless options for your outdoor living space and compliment the architectural style of your home. Combined with natural stone and clay pavers, we create intersting banding and accents to the surface to make each project unique and distictive.


Pavers are stronger than traditional concrete. The PSI rating of concrete pavers is 8,000 (per square inch) vs. traditional concrete which has a base rating of only 2,500 PSI.


Cost - Pavers have a higher up-front cost, but over time will be far less expensive than concrete which will ultimately crack over time and require repair and or replacement. Patios, Driveways, Kitchecn and Fire Features...


A Little Bit of History - The Appian Way - Construction started on this segment of the road in 312 BC under the Roman censor Appius Claudius Caecus, after whom the road was named. Its purpose was to speed delivery of supplies and troops to the area near Naples, where the Romans were engaged in an ongoing series of wars. Europe’s first super-highway has survived centuries, and is still in use today. 

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Natural Stone And Clay Pavers...

We match your hardscape to the architectural style of your home. Adding beautiful natural flagstone in a variety of colors can be great option for walkways and accents. Whether installed as steppers, or as a more formal mosiac pattern, the possibilities are endless! For a more historic paving look, we install Pine Hall clay pavers. These are available in a wide variety of color ranges and textures from English edge to rumbled/ antiqued varieties. Poured-in-place concrete steppers can also be installed for a more contemporary paving solution.

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